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Hosting Service for Lightning Fast Performance

Multiple studies have shown that over 70% of website visitors will leave a website if it loads too slowly. Those are many customers you do not want to lose. With lightning fast hosting with K, speed is a must.

Cloud Hosting

Business Growth

Fast Load Times

Great Performance

Watch your Web Traffic Grow

Having a fast and beautiful website are the two key factors to drive business growth.

Each web hosting package is optimized to run quickly and smoothly. Your website will run lightning fast with K’s hosting and it will be appealing to the eye.

Optimized Web Hosting

Each server is optimized to fit exactly what your business requires.

Linux Hosting

Ideal for MySQL & PHP based websites. WordPress runs best on these servers and Linux is the only type of server K works with.

Optimized Servers

With optimized caching mechanisms installed on each server, performance is enhanced no matter what the content is.

SEO Boosting

The faster your site ranks, the more traffic you get, and the better you will rank on search engines like Google!

Room for Growth

If your business grows, your web hosting can grow too! K leaves each server ready to move up to the next level if your site needs it.

WordPress Ready

WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet, with over 33% of sites online being built with WordPress.

Email Compatible

Each server is installed with PostFix to make sending out emails from the server possible. K will ensure each server can send mail.

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