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About K

K takes the stress out of website design and hosting.

All you have to do is share with K your website vision and she takes care of the rest!

K offers a variety of different types of site builds, ranging from working in Wordpress or HTML5/CSS3. Each business is unique, therefore, each business should be catered with its own style of website. Each build is done with quality, speed, and affordability in mind.

  • Quality Designs: Each design is hand tailored, with quality and care in mind.
  • Speed: K will build a site as quickly as possible, while still maintaning quality.
  • Affordability: Every design that K creates can be tailored to fit a business's budget.


Services provided by K Site Designs - At a glance.


40% of the sites online are built with Wordpress. Yours can too!


HTML proves time and time again to be a fast and reliable way to make a website.


Would you like to sell items on your website? K can help with that!


Do you need an informational website for your business? Look no further.


Are you outside the country? No problem! K can still build you a website.


K understands the need for a website to be up quickly. Get a site built quickly!

Why Pick K?

Why would you pick K over the other thousands of website designers out there?

The answer is simple: K provides honest and fast results. She is U.S based and keeps her prices low.

Running a business is hard work as it is. There are employees to manage, bookkeeping, and customer to communicate with. The last thing on your mind is how to build your website. That is where K steps in. K takes the hard work off of your hands to build you a beautiful, and functional site.

United States Based

You can feel at ease hiring K to build your site. K is U.S based, and loves building local websites. K understands that it can be daunting to hire someone out of the country.

Honest & Fast Work

Once all of the information is provided, K will build your site quickly and honestly. K communicates with each customer frequently to provide updates along the website building journey.

Competitive Pricing

Website designing can be expensive, especially when hiring a designer in the United States. K can work with a business and its budget to provide a beautiful site for a good rate.






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Website Designs

Support Provided

K offers multiple different types of packages to fit every business and their needs. Sites are created with hosting companies in mind; with each site build compatible with any server of your choosing. K can help you find a hosting company with the best rates and help you upload the site, or simply send you the finished files for you to upload. Click 'See Pricing' to see the packages K offers.

In our always evolving digital age, a good website is just as important as social media presence. Your business needs both.

Having a functional website is vital to a business and its operations. It is now reported over 77% of Americans own a cell phone with access to the internet, and 69% of Americans have a social media account. In order to expand your audience and therefore your business, a website and social media presence is a must.

Having access to the internet means your customers are going to both look your business up online, as well as on social media. Having both a website and active social media accounts is incredibly important. It could be the difference between someone picking your business to spend their money at, over your competitors.

You're always on the go, and your customers are too. Having a mobile friendly site is vital to every business.

How often do you see people on their phones? In our modern world, they are everywhere. You can't escape them, and you must shape your business around them.

Having your site be mobile friendly to be easily accessible on the web is a must. It is now estimated that most Americans use their phone more than their computer to search on the internet.

To be readily available to your current & future client base, you must have a mobile friendly website. K Site Designs makes sure EVERY website is designed with mobile in mind.

Hosting your website on a reliable platform, while updating and protecting it, is a must in todays digital age.

All websites require a hosting server so it can be viewable to everyone on the internet. Every website must be protected from malicious attacks as well as have its data encrypted, so your customers are safe when they are viewing your online business.

That is why picking a fast and reliable hosting server to house your content on is vital to your online presence success. Your website also needs malware protection and an SSL to encrypt its data. K can provide the hosting and security for your website design so you can spend more time focusing on your business.


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What type of site should I get built?

Do you have a vision on the type of site you want, but don't know what to get it built in? Would you prefer to see your options before you contact K? Below, you can take a quick tour to see some of the different types!


What is Wordpress?


What is Bootstrap?


What is HTML/CSS?


What is E-Commerece?

Platforms Used


Below are a few pre-built website design packages K offers. If you would like to tweak one of these packages, please contact K and she will work with you.

$400one time


  • 1 Scrolling Page
  • Up to 7 Sections
  • 4 Weeks or Less
  • Contact Form Included
Choose Basic

$600one time


  • Up to 4 Pages
  • 4 Sections Per Page
  • 5 Weeks or Less
  • Contact Form Included
Choose Standard

$900one time


  • Up to 8 Pages
  • 4 Sections Per Page
  • 5 Weeks or Less
  • Contact Form Included
Choose Ultimate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you lost, or still have additional inquiries? See below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!

  • K understands that each business needs a unique site, so your vision may not fit the pre-built packages. If that is the case, contact K and she can build a package for you, based off of your business and its needs.

  • Absolutely! Once K builds your site, you are always provided with a full backup of the content. Even if you decide to have K host your website as well, a backup is always provided for emergency situations.

  • Every website you see on the Internet is hosted on what is called a server. Some sites require a bigger expensive server, while others require small inexpensive servers. K can either host your site for you at an additional charge, or you can rent your own server and manage it yourself.

  • K does in fact offer a logo service as well. After you pick your package, contact K regarding your site and logo, and the rest will be taken care of!

  • K will contact you with a list of items related to your business that you would like on your website. This ranges from location, about your business, items to purchase (if any) etc. K will also request photos and ask questions regarding the style you are looking for.

  • Once your website is finished, basic maintenance will be done on your site. That means that K will make sure your software is up to date, and fix minor issues as they come. If you are looking for additional information to be added on to your site, that would be an additional charge. K will work with you and your budget to get you the best rate once that time comes. Right now, the standard amount for updates runs $35-$50 an hour, depending on the level of work needed.

  • No. All K requires is a deposit, which is half of whatever plan you decide on. Once you see a rough draft presented to you by K, and you like everything and want to make your website live, K requires the final amount. Then, your website will be live and a backup of your files will be sent to you.